My Writting

A loud flash of lightning crashes right in front of Zoe. Then Zoe heard screams like they were being slaughtered in the distance. She saw a man holding a knife about to stab her She dodges and scrambles away with the man following her.” You can’t run forever little girl”.

A police car drives right in front of her. She slaps her pram on the window and says petrified ” Zac the killer is holding a knife trying to kill me”. A flash of lightning strikes and he disappears. “there’s nothing there said the police officer,  “go get your eye checked.

Zoe walks home with no trouble at all. She got home, ate her tea and went to bed. Halfway through the night she heard footsteps in the living room. She walks down the stairs slowly, shivering and frightened. Zoe stood behind the door, peeking through a gap in the wall. She felt a hand on her shoulder and jolts up petrified. Shh


About Me

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.03.20 pmHi my name is Ryan and I’m in grade six.

My favorite thing to is play sport. I play football is winter and I do little athletics in the summer. I play for the demons in football and I’m the eighteenth best hurdler in the state. In 2022 I want to try out for the AFL league because that’s when they are looking for new players.

I love watching YouTube and my favorite You-tubers are Vanoss, H20 Dilerous, I am wildcat, Miniland, Deathdenogla and Not Moo Suckle.

I can play the guitar and drums. I like doing maths , in maths the best thing for me is area and divison. I love going to themen parks. The best theme parks are Universel Studios and Disneyland. My favorite writers are Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton and Emily Rodda. My favotite singers are Vance Joy and Will-i-am.

 Thats all I can say about me. Leave a coment about something I have in common with you.

Padlet Work

                                                         Lake Powell  


America is one of the biggest places in the world, it is the same length as Australia. It has a lot more fatty food. Lake powell  takes up 5% of America and I think it is in the top five biggest lakes in the world. This is a picture of the sunset at lake powell. You can go on boat cruises, hire jet skis, water skis and paddle boards. Lake powell is near Monument Valley which is a whole bunch of rocks that make sculptures . Sadly I don’t have any photos because my phone was going flat and I fell asleep. I have a bird’s eye view of the lake though.



           Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is a massive rock ditch. I think it’s about four or five km deep. I am not quite sure about that. It is really cool how the history is based on different colonies. When I was there my dad and I went on a helicopter flight over it. I would recommend that everyone should do it. If you are scared of height or you get air sickness don’t do it. I would do it again. My favourite part of the Grand Canyon was everything.


          Slot Canyon


I did a Slot canyon tour that was really cool. It was fun going on the ute that you sat on the back and there was no window. Here is a picture of the ute. Sorry I couldn’t get everything in the pic. The American Indian people lived in the cave in summer so they could keep cool. There were a lot of cows that use to live there. The highest the water gets in the winter is about three feet which is ninety cm.


There was a really cool rock formation that looks like a bear. Here it




It was so fun everyone would love it. The scariest ride would be the California Screamin. One of the best rides I went on was Splash Mountain. A ride I went on four times was Big thunder mountain railroad. With cars land we had to wait two hours to go on it. When I went it was the hundredth anniversary. When you go you get a bag that can say first timer,far far away and before disney. So if it was your first time you would get first timer. If it was your second time you would get far far away. If you were born before Disneyland you would get before disney.




Universal Studio


Jurassic park ride https://


Trem Three Reflection

The good thing about term three are that we did mixter of different thing’s in P.E and that we went out for games like we always do and it is fun. Having breacks in daily five was good becuase we can do other things that are the same and fun. Having the tonybones puppet play and heaps of others. Doing the lino cutting and sculpting even though I only did the practise. Going out of the school gronds for ecsrtion like fresh face friday, the worroner vist. Getting good resols in my reading and seplling ondarmarnd.