My Writting

A loud flash of lightning crashes right in front of Zoe. Then Zoe heard screams like they were being slaughtered in the distance. She saw a man holding a knife about to stab her She dodges and scrambles away with the man following her.” You can’t run forever little girl”.

A police car drives right in front of her. She slaps her pram on the window and says petrified ” Zac the killer is holding a knife trying to kill me”. A flash of lightning strikes and he disappears. “there’s nothing there said the police officer,  “go get your eye checked.

Zoe walks home with no trouble at all. She got home, ate her tea and went to bed. Halfway through the night she heard footsteps in the living room. She walks down the stairs slowly, shivering and frightened. Zoe stood behind the door, peeking through a gap in the wall. She felt a hand on her shoulder and jolts up petrified. Shh