Term Three wirtting.

The End Or Is It.

“The world is going to end.”

“WHAT did you say.”

“I said the world is going to end.”

“I never to tell my wife that I hate her.”

“What was that you said.”

“Nothing honey.”


“Oh what i didn’t tell you my name anyway my name is Jeff Jeff Harley.”

“I am the owner of Harley enterprises.”

“We make a lot of stuff and money cha ching.”

“I am the richest man and person in the world.”

“Anyway let’s get back to the end of the world stuff.”

“Oh no the world is going to end.”

“ So I am going to sit down on my couch at home.”

“Honey I am going home.”

“Ok Jeff.”

“See you at home.”


So off he went in his new lamborghini gallardo  that he bought yesterday. sins a lamborghini gallardo is one of the fastest cars in the world it only took him five minutes to get home. So when he got home and sat on the couch and watched the footy. It was Essendon vs west coast. Just when Essendon need one goal to win there was a blackout. Then his iphone six rang. It was the prime minister of Australia.


He said “are you the richest man in the world?”


“well we need your help”

“For what”

“ well we know how much  money you have.”

“Ok how much do I have”

“ Four hundred billion dollars.”

’’How do you Know that”

“ we hack your bank account.”

“ back to the main reason.”

“We need your money to make a dome around earth to stop a meteor from hitting.”

“you can use my money to save the earth.”

“But legally I can’t without you sing a bank not.”

“ Well when can we sing it.”

“ How about tomorrow at 9am.”

“ Ok.” The next day they signed the not.

“Ok now I can use your money to destroy the world I mean save the world”. Oh what I forgot to tell you that the prime minister is evil. Ok back to the story now.

“We will start building tomorrow”.


Jeff went home and watch tv. He was watching the news to find out how won the football. Oh yay Jeff goes for Essendo. The sports news came up and it said the socceroos beat england, refermable beat ceros and when he found out that Essendo beat fremantle he had a spaz attack then after wold he fainted. Half an hour later he woke up in a secret layer. There was a person walking up to him. As he got closer and closer Jeff started to recognise the person. When he got right up to Jeff he knew how it was.


“You the prime minister”.

“ No it’s not”.

“It’s me bob”.

“You stole my money five year argo”.

“Now I have nothing because of you”.

“I have no job and no car basicly I have nothing”.

“I dressed up as the prime minister so I could youse all your money to build a dome and a laser to destroy the world”.

“And there is now way to stop me”.

“There is a bomb right next to you it will go off in five minutes let’s see if you can get out”.


Bob walked off. Jeff said to himself what to do. Then he notest a sharp piece of rock that he might be able to cut the rope on his hands with. He did that and then he untied the rope around him. Then he ran off when he was 50 meters from the entrance the bomb went off. He just got hit by the explosion. He had broken bones, bruises and cuts. A man walked past and called the ambulance. They came rushing to help him. They put him in the car and took him to the hospital where they took care of him. With Jeff in the hospital there was no way to stop Bob. So Bob was cheering happily. “With Jeff out of the way my plane will be successful. Back to the hospital. Jeff was having a quick recovery. Jeff said I have to stop Bob. I must leave this place now. So he got out of his bed and walks out of the door without being seen. “He said i’m coming for you Bob”!

To Be continued.